Built in Gothenburg

M/S, former S/S, Isbjörn is built in Gothenburg, Sweden at Götawerken in 1898. The ship measures 20 x 5 meters and is 2,2 meters deep. The height up to the chimney top measures 8 meters. The weight of Isbjörn is impressive 47 tons.

At the beginning Isbjörn was powered by a steam engine and was bought in 1900 to the railways of Oxelösund-Flen-Westmanland. In 1958 the tugboat was too small for its work and the name was changed to “Björn” (Bear). The dredging and salvage company in Stockholm bought Björn and changed the name to “Pyret” (Smallish).

In 1963 Pyret´s story was about to end as she was taken to the ship breaking. She was lucky to be found by two enthusiasts; Börje Bruér and Bengt Emanuelsson who rebuilt the ship to a motorship for leisure. A new Volvo Diesel D100 with 160 hp replaced the old steam engine.

After selling Pyret in 1987 it had many owners. In 2002 Pyret got its original name back when Leif Törnblom bought it, now as Isbjörn av Stockholm. Leif rebuilt the ship, the kitchen was totally renovated and a new saloon was built. Leif had Isbjörn as his home for 8 years.

Year 2010 Isbjörn was bought by Added Value Group

In 2010 Added Value Group, Thomas Lundström in Finland bought Isbjörn and now the old lady lies in the center of Helsinki, refixed and in great shape.

You have the chance to take part of Isbjörn´s history by arranging events on board.